Monday, March 16, 2015

A Time to Search

A Time to Search is Book 2 of The Family series.  If you have read book one, you are aware of  The Family and all of their members.  This book focuses on Aaron Bushnell, a U. S. Marshal. Below is a picture of The Family with their names included.

Aaron is the tall, skinny kid in the middle.  Naturally the boy grows up and becomes quite a man, intelligent, brave and thoughtful. He meets Jade English, active, smart and on the run, in fact:
"Jade English loves to run, for exercise, in marathons, playing sports, but now she's running for her life. If she loses this race – she'll die; the loser's trophy – a headstone.
Aaron Bushnell, US Marshal, Search Angel, patient, friend. No matter which hat he wears he draws fire. He has become a bullet magnet.
Could the meeting of these two people be anything but dynamite? Only God can turn the explosive power into sparkling fireworks."

I hope that you enjoy my latest offering.  Early reports are very good.  Readers seem to love A Time to Search.  Happy reading!

Oh, don't worry about the dog. He and a few of his friends become heroes in this story. I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would you.