Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arizona Redemption is Now Available

Arizona Redemption is now available for Kindle, Nook and also available in paperback on Amazon.  It is the latest of my novels and it is loaded with sketches of Bisbee, Arizona, my hometown and the setting for the story.   Although the sketches by Charles Turner are in all versions they reproduced best in the paperback.  Here is a quick look at the storyline:

Mistaken for a man. Pounded and crushed. Then, offered a job she can't turn down, Tori Stilman wonders if she has just entered the Twilight Zone. The tough, street-wise scrapper, raised on the inner-city streets of San Diego, is on the run. However, a need for immediate funds and a desire to provide a new life for her sister and ward, convince her to try out the small town in Arizona.
Lance Manning, sucker for the underdog, falls under Tori's spell from the beginning. But, his strong faith causes a clash of emotions – don't hook up with an unbeliever, yet be a good Samaritan, showing love to others. Be a friend, but don't lead her on.
Tori comes into their friendship with more baggage than a cruise ship, and Lance wears his hero cape that reads “I fix everything.”
Between the two, there are more ups and downs than a roller coaster. But, all things are possible with God and anything can happen in Bisbee, Arizona.

Let me know if you get the novel and what you think of it.