Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WHEN LOVE IS wRIGHT in paperback

My latest novel, WHEN LOVE IS wRIGHT, is now in
paperback! There are currently four novels available in

two versions. You can buy them in paperback from Amazon and get free shipping on orders over $25.00 OR
you can get them immediately downloaded to your Kindle,
your computer or your phone (although I cannot imagine reading a novel on a phone). They are also available at other online retailers. See the synopsis below.


Chris Travers lives for her career, traveling around the world shooting photographs of exotic plants and wildlife. Having been abandoned as a child then orphaned as a young adult, she harbors a deep-seated fear of caring and commitment. Friends are kept at arms' length and she has walled off her heart from God. Chris has determined that no man will breach her defenses because loving means losing.

Kirkland Wright storms into her office hurling accusations and propositions in turn. He questions her professional integrity then does a one-eighty and offers her a book contract. Unable to fight his immediate attraction to the dynamic, little red-head, he sets out to capture Chris' heart regardless of the fortress surrounding it.

Fear sends Chris running and Kirk in relentless pursuit. Will Chris allow God to cast out her fears? Will Kirk gain possession of her heart? Will they find the right love?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Four Novels! Two Formats!

Four Novels! ---- Two Formats! --- Free Shipping!

Now there are four novels by SQ Eads available at Amazon. Free shipping is available if you buy three or more (Orders over $25.00). You can have them in paperback or download them into your Kindle or PC or phone. You will enjoy the action, adventure, humor and especially the romance that you will find between the pages of these contemporary novels (note: Unlikely Partners is a western set in the 1800's).