Sunday, August 1, 2010

Arizona Aussie: Now Available in Two Formats

Arizona Aussie is now available in two formats. Choose paperback or electronic format here.
Arizona Aussie is a modern romance between an Arizona rancher and a spunky Australian veterinarian who just happens to be female and very athletic.
Scott Harrison has had it with women. They are downright dangerous and a threat to life and limb. Determination hardens in him like concrete…he’ll remain a bachelor forever.
Then fun-loving Randee Lambert pops up in the pen with his prize bull. The beautiful, Australian veterinarian adds a whole new dimension to the definition of trouble.
When Scott is forced to accept Randee’s help, their struggles begin in earnest. Events lead Scott to shore up his flagging faith. Will Randee finally exchange religion for a relationship with Jesus? When fiery trials hit can their love withstand the test? This is a fun-filled read with lots of action.

Contemporary romance, Christian Romance, Romance, Action, Adventure, Christian Fiction.